Thursday, January 13, 2011

But do you really love me?

Hi Mike, I'm sorry that this evening, okay love you, I don't know if you think you're going there since but okay, so lemme know if we'll see what the baby and noticed it heading in the next. Iwill get this and then have Anne, okay. Thank you. Bye bye.

I spoke to you tomorrow.

Hi Mark, This is an area in this month. You call me at yesterday. If it's possible to or call me back. And my cellphone at 310 9 OR 4837. I wanna tell you about the the tutoring, but it also. Ithink this month. Just, my friend. If you call me and she told me it's a kind of the day case today So I don't know if you take care of this is Kendra again. My name is on the fast today, soyou can call me, fax, Please. Okay, thank you much bye bye bye.

Short and Sweet

Hey google voice subscriber. It's your body rather. Your brother I'll be able daddy, hey.

Senator Edwards on the line for you, sir. I think it's about your illegitimate child.

Hello, this is John Edwards is on returning the Google phone call. I went to the doctor that's on many many laptops. I wanted to head multi medium 11 with the Blue Ridge. It always 6Different. It was pretty good meeting that we could start like and which is a before we can do anyways, i'm gonna be beds charter mac but, tomorrow okay.

Welcome, Internet!

Google has an amazing service called Voice. They give you a telephone number and allow you to place and receive domestic phone calls for free! It is better than Skype because you do not have to pay anything to make calls within the country. Thusly it is also superior to Magic Jack.

Google Voice has a feature that translates voicemail messages to text. It saves the voicemail for your listening pleasure, but it also allows you to read a transcript of the message. This technology, while full of promise, is also full of mistakes. This blog will present these textualized messages for your enjoyment. Enjoy!


P.S. If you use Google Voice and have received funny text versions of otherwise ordinary voicemail messages, please feel free to send them to me and I will post them on my Blog.